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Key Features:

  • Highest heat output of any wood briquettes
  • Compact and easy to store
  • 12 briquettes per bag


Our Pini-Kay Wood Briquettes come in bags of 12 briquettes and really are the king of all wood briquettes. They boast the highest heat output of any wood briquettes with an impressive heat value of 18.5 MJ/kg (5.1 kWh/kg). In addition to this because they have been compressed they are smaller than traditional wood so you can store more fuel.

Why buy our Pini-Kay Wood Briquettes?

At Cheshire fuels we stock high quality Pini-Kay wood briquettes that are second to none. We take pride in the knowledge that we can deliver you briquettes right to your door and often the very next day once you have placed your order.

Unlike other wood briquette rivals, ours contain only 4-5 percent moisture making them easier to light and allows for such a long lasting high temperature burn.

What are Pini-Kay Briquettes?

Pini-Kay briquettes are pressure treated sawdust wood that is bound together in a dense and compact way in order to give you maximum heat output for your stove or fireplace. In addition to this these types of briquettes are ideal for heating boilers in both commercial environments and home fires alike.

One key feature of the Pini-Kay briquettes is that they actually produce twice the heat when compared to standard firewood of the same volume so its clear why they are so popular with our clients.

Easy Storage

Due to the way our briquettes are compressed they are easy to stack. This makes them easy to store because unlike coal or logs they can be stacked easily due to their uniform shape.

Great for open fires and boilers

This type of briquette are superb for open fires because when they burn they produce a high attractive flame when compared to other types of fuels such as Irish peat briquettes.  They are also highly sought after for clients who have commercial grade boilers because Pini-Kay wood briquettes do not expand so there is no risk of expansion and damage when filling a boiler.

Great for Pizza Ovens and Barbecues

When using Pini-Kay wood briquettes its not all about heating an area when it’s cold.  During the warmer summer months these types of briquettes are a brilliant alternative to a coal BBQ or wood in your pizza oven. If you have not tires them then we recommend giving them a go as they produce a different type of heat which is perfect for quick cooking.

Why Choose Pini-Kay Wood Briquettes over wood or coal?

The main reason we recommend this type of fuel for your stove is because they produce a good high temperature flame for around 30 minutes and then go on to keep a consistent glow for around two and a half hours. During this time they produce and maintain a good heat output and only produce a small amount of ash once the heat has depleted.

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