Ash Trees And Logs

What are Ash Trees?

Ash trees are tall in height growing to around 35 meters on average and are the third most common type of tree in the UK.

You will notice ash trees when out in the countryside as they can easily be identified by their dome shaped canopy and their light brown sometimes grey looking bark. 

Often growing in pairs these trees are a really stunning in the winter when they lose all their leaves and their twigs turn dark and produce velvety looking leaf buds. 

What do the leaves look like?

The stand out feature of the ash tree is its beautifully elegant leaves. They grow in pairs of 3 or 6 leaves running along the stalk with a single leaf at the very tip. Generally speaking the leaves are only present at the end of UK spring time and tend to fall in early Autumn. This is due to them simply preferring the warmer weather. In size the overall leaflet including the tip is around 40cm long. The Ash trees leaves have the ability to easily turn to face the sun for max energy and interestingly they actually fall when they are still green unlike many other trees.

Flowers on an Ash Tree

Ash trees are known as dioecious which simply means that they male and female flowers grow on different trees. However, on a single tree it is possible to have male and female flowers on different branches. The colour of the flowers is a nice purple tone and will appear in early spring before the tree produces leaves. As you can see in the picture opposite the flowers start to grow in clusters with sharp looking tips which are quite spectacular.

Do they produce fruit?

Yes but maybe not they type you are used to at the supermarket! The fruit or also known as keys are produced by the ash tree are small and winged. This is  so that when they fall they glide and don’t fall like a stone. The fruit is pollinated by the winds that sweep thought the trees and the fruit falls in late summer and is dispersed by birds and animals alike.



Are they under threat?

The biggest threat to Ash trees at present is a horrible disease called Chalara dieback disease. This disease has caused large scale problems throughout Europe and is now in the UK as well. 

ash logsGreat for the log burner

The wood from ash trees is fairly lightweight yet strong so is favoured by many woodworkers for its ease of use. For the same reasons it is highly regarded for its easy to burn properties making at a fuel of choice for many log stove owners. All the ash that we sell is ready to burn meaning that it has the correct level of moisture removed from it to make it legal to burn. 

Key benefits of burning ash logs

  • Produces a steady heat output
  • Burns cleanly with no smoke
  • Doesn’t spark much when burning
  • Produce fruity, nutty, or piney fragrance
  • Ash produces anywhere from 19.1 to 23.6 million BTUs per cord.
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