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Key Features:

  • White salt leaves no brown stains like some other makes of salt
  • Easy lift carry handle
  • 10kg bag


Our white salt is the perfect product for use on driveways and pathways because it comes in a 10kg bag which is easy to lift and spread. Additionally, unlike some other salts that you can buy, white salt doesn’t leave a nasty stain once the weather changes and dries up.

Easy Lift Handle Bag

Each 10kg bag comes with an easy lift solution in the form of a revolutionary lift handle which you will not see on other salt bags. No need to tip the salt into another container, with our salt you can pour straight from the bag itself.

Powerful de-icer

White salt is a powerful de-icing option which does generally cost slightly more than stand rock salt alternatives. It is considered a better product due to its ability to quickly remove snow and ice with the added benefit of leaving no unsightly stains after use. Use this type of de-icer in the toughest conditions throughout the winter and you will not be disappointed with the results.

Commercial Uses of white salt

Some may think that white salt is only suitable for home use but in actual fact it is perfectly suited to commercial use. Typical uses include clearing snow and ice during winter for shopping centre carparks and pathways. It is often used around hospitals in order to keep people from slipping and works well in town centres where gritters cannot reach.

No clean-up afterwards

As previously mentioned, because this type of salt doesn’t leave any stains there is no need for clean up after it has been used. This is one of the main reasons it is chosen by clients in and around commercial premises and homes. When in a commercial setting with heavy footfall this can pose a real problem when using standard rock salt because it can stain interior floors and carpets alike. White salt does not do this making it the premium option to go for when buying de-icing salt.

Works with other spreading solutions

If you prefer to use a salt spreader then our white salt has been granulated to work well in these as well. If you plan to store it for another year, no problem. Our mixture includes an anti-cacking agent which prolongs the life of the salt meaning it can be used year after year as and when you need it.

A real winter essential

During the winter months when it gets icy, white salt is one of those products that we consider an essential for all homeowners. Driveways and pathways can become slippery and dangerous not only for yourself but for others such as post workers and delivery drivers. De-icing your drive and path could help prevent a nasty slip possibly resulting in a claim against you. For this reason, we always recommend de-icing during the winter months for everyone’s sake.

Easy Storage

Our neat well designed bag allows you to store a number of bags very easily and means that you don’t have to shovel salt each time you need to de-ice your paths.

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