Beech Trees And Logs

beech-treesWhat are Beech Trees?

Beech trees are one of our favourite types of trees, they are large and provide wildlife with a safe home. Very elegant to look at these they produce a leafy canopy in summer months and a striking silhouette in winter months.

The beech tree will often grow to be an incredible 60 meters tall when fully mature. Its height makes it stand out from a distance and you will notice its large dome shape. The bark it produces is smooth and often fairly thin and grey in colour. If you take a close look at the bark you will see that there are often small etched marks on the tree. 


What do the leaves look like on an beech tree?

Beech tree leaves are quite unusual as they actually appear to be hairy  when young.  The leaves turn to a  dark green colour in summer months and will lose the hairs they once had. The leaves will grow to anywhere between 4 and 9 cm in length and are oval in shape with a pointed tip often with a wave like appearance when viewed from the side. 

beech-tree-flowersFlowers on an Beech Tree

The beech tree is classes as monoecious which simply means that both female and male flowers will grow on a single tree. The male catkins grow in April and May and have the appearance of a tassel hanging from long stalks. The female catkins on the other hand grow in pairs and are cup shaped.

beech-tree-fruitsBeech Tree fruit

The fruit that is produced by the beech tree becomes wood like when pollenated. This hard outer shell protects the two beech nuts within which will fall to the ground when the cup finally opens. 

Where can I find beech trees?

Beech trees are fairly common in the UK however their natural habitat is a humid slightly warmer climate that boasts well drained soil. In the UK you are likely to find them in the south. 

Does beech make good Firewood?

beech logs

The wood from a beech tree is is considered one of the best firewoods that you can buy. It is solid in nature and does produce a good burn. It makes a great  choice for log stove owners because its relatively cheap and providesa great heat output when burned on the stove. 

All the beech logs that we sell are ready to burn meaning that it has the correct level of moisture removed from it to make it legal to burn. 

Key benefits of burning beech logs

  • Produces excellent heat output
  • Burns cleanly and lasts a long time
  • Relatively cheap to buy
  • Beech produces around 27.5 million BTUs per cord.
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