Which logs to buy this winter?

Which logs to buy this winter

We are at the end of autumn and winter is nearly upon us. As the nights close in and the house starts to feel a little cold you start to think about getting the log stove up and running. The question is which logs should you buy this for the cold winter months ahead? In this article we will be discussing which we believe are the best logs to buy this winter.

Kiln dried logs vs air dried logs

There are two main types of logs that get sold in the UK and these are kiln dried logs and air-dried logs. The difference is that kiln dried logs have a lower moisture content due to the drying process in the kiln. This makes them burn better with less smoke and is also the reason why kiln dried logs are the only type allowed in a smoke controlled area.

For this reason we always recommend choosing kiln dried logs over air dried but then the next question arises, which type of wood from which tree should I buy for winter?

Hardwood vs softwood

Generally speaking there are also two types of wood when referring to the type of wood and these are hardwood and softwood. What these are we will explain and give examples of each.

What is hardwood?

Hardwood is wood that grows over a longer period of time and is more dense in its structure. As the name suggests it is much harder than softwood and tends to burn for longer because of the more compact nature of the log itself. This is why most online stores well hardwood logs and not softwood.

Examples of hardwoods are Oak, Birch, Alder, Ash, Beech.

What is softwood?

Softwood on the other hand is a much lighter in weight and are less dense. They are generally not considered the best for burning as they will quickly burn out however they are easier to light. Because of this, they are good firelighters to help get hardwood going on the fire.

Examples of softwood are Pine, Redwood, Larch, Cedar, Fir.

What type of wood to choose?

There are a range of different wood types to choose from when buying logs online. The best type for your fire depends on a number of factors such as:

  • Smell given off when burning
  • Burn time
  • How easy it is to light

During cold winter months you ideally want wood type that lights quickly, smells aromatic and burns for a long time. This isn’t always possible but the good news is that this can still be achieved without breaking the bank.

The best hardwoods to burn

As we have established, you want to opt for a hardwood over a softwood but which do we recommend over all others? Well in our opinion you should choose between Oak and Birch as we will explain:

Oak Logs for burning on your fire

Oak logs are potentially the best firewood to burn this winter. The reason for this is that it burns very slowly when compared to other types of logs and for this reason we believe they are best when things turn cold outdoors. The only downside is that they are hard to light which is why firelighters are recommended as an addition when you purchase this type of wood.

Birch Logs for burning on your fire

Birch is also up there when it comes to a nice wood to burn this winter. The reason for this is that it very quickly gets very hot and when its cold this is a great way to quickly warm up your home. The only down side to birch is that it also burns out faster. This lack of longevity means that if you do choose birch you may want to stock up or also purchase Oak as well to give the fire a longer life.

Conclusion of which logs to buy this winter

To conclude, you want to choose kiln dried hardwood logs for your fire this winter. As already stated these types of logs are going to provide you with the best heat output when it gets cold and in our opinion Oak logs are the best bet for keeping your home warm for longer.