Oak Trees And Logs

oak-treesWhat are Oak Trees?

Oak trees are probably the most well known tree in the UK. Renowned for its strong appearance it holds a special place in our hearts.

The oak tree generally grows to be around 20 to 40 meters tall so is by no means small. When viewed in the countryside you will notice that it grows very wide as well covering a lot of the ground below helping to create shaded areas in the summer months. 


What do the leaves look like on an oak tree?

oak tree leaves are have no stem and tend to grow in bunches along the branches. The leaves cover the tree during the summer months and become darker as they age. Fairly rounded edges make the oak tree leaves stand out and instantly recognisable. The leaves will appear on the tree in May and grow to around 10cm in length.

oak-tree-flowersFlowers on an oak Tree

Less commonly known are the flowers of an oak tree. They don’t really have a big visual impact so often get overlooked. The appearance of the flowers is long vine like growths that sprout yellow in colour. The flowers distribute the pollen in the air when the wind picks up.

oak-tree-fruitsOak Tree fruit

A much more well known feature of the oak tree are its acorns or fruits which grow to around 2cm in length. Their round shape first starts out green but then as it matures turns shiny in appearance making them look like solid hardwood once ripened. The cupule will remain on the tree while the acorn will fall when ready and sprout the following spring. 

Where are they located?

The English oak tree is very common in the UK but is most prevalent in wooded areas of southern and central England. 

Does it make good Firewood?

oak logsThe wood from oak trees is heavy and solid in nature. because it is so dense it will tend to burn longer than other types of wood which makes it an excellent choice for log stove owners.  It produces excellent heat when burned although they can be hard to get lit so we recommend using kindling when burning oak logs.

All the oak logs that we sell are ready to burn meaning that it has the correct level of moisture removed from it to make it legal to burn. 

Key benefits of burning oak logs

  • Produces a great heat output
  • Burns cleanly and lasts a long time
  • Subtle fragrance when burned
  • Oak produces anywhere from 24 to 30 million BTUs per cord.
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