Restaurant Grade Catering Coal (12kg Bag)


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Key Features of Catering Coal:

  • Long Lasting Burn
  • High Heat Output
  • Easy To Light
  •  Strong polypropylene weather resistant bag



Our 12kg bags of catering coal are the fuel of choice for restaurant owners and catering companies. The simple reason for it being so popular in the catering industry is because of its even and clean burn which allows for easier cooking conditions. The bag that the coals come in is a strong polypropylene weather resistant bag which is ideal for storage.

Unlike some fuels these are quick to light making lighting your BBQ or Grill that bit easier.


Key Features of Catering Coal:

  • Long Lasting Burn
  • High Heat Output
  • Easy To Light
  •  Strong polypropylene weather resistant bag


Package Includes:

12kg Bag of catering grade coal


Catering Coal

When it comes to great catering we think great food but the type of catering coal is crucial in order to provide a nice even heat output. Our restaurant grade catering coal is specifically selected for catering companies that are looking for a superior product to cook their food.

Why Choose our Catering Coal?

Our catering coal is more pure than some other types of coal and doesn’t have any additives. What this means is a cleaner burn that I safe to cook food on. Not only will your BBQ cook nicer food it will also cook it more evenly due to a more stable output than with some other coal types. The more even the temperature the more predictable the cooking meaning you are able to more accurately time your cooking which is always a bonus.

Our restaurant grade catering coal contains lower levels of water within so doesn’t spit as much but also more importantly doesn’t produce as much smoke.

Household coal vs catering coal, what’s the difference?

Usually household coal has additives added to the coal itself in order to make it light easily and burn brightly. The problem with this when used for catering is that it can sometimes leave a chemical taste on the food that you have cooked. Having a chemical flavour is clearly not good and is the main reason to opt for catering coal.

Are you a restaurant owner looking to buy catering coal?

If you are a restaurant owner and want to benefit from the best possible way of cooking on coal the catering coal is a no brainer! If you order regularly then we recommend opening an account with us which you can do at checkout. This means when you login you can view previous orders and re-orders are easy.

Why is catering coal more expensive than standard coal?

Finding and sorting the coal into more pure, quality piles takes time. This extra level of care to ensure that our coal is of the highest grade means it does cost slightly more than standard household coal.

Buy Restaurant Grade Catering Coal Regularly?

If you want to buy catering coal from us or plan on buying regularly you can open an account with us or simply order and pay online.


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