Alder Trees And Logs

alder-treesWhat are Alder Trees?

Alder trees tend to be cone shaped and are well known throughout Britain for sprouting up near any wetlands or rivers.

The Alder tree generally grows to be around 28 meters tall when fully mature making it very visible froma distance. The life span of an alder tree is around 60 years. The bark on an alder tree is usually dark in colour and is covered in lichen. One nice feature of the alder tree is its twigs which are light brown which turn red towards the tops. Not so nice is the fact that the twigs tend to be sicky to the touch. 


What do the leaves look like on an alder tree?

Alder tree leaves form on long stems and start out as grey/purple leaf buds. The leaves themselves are dark green and will grow anywhere between three and nine centimetres in length. Along the edge of each leaf you will notice a serrated edge and unusually the leaf tips are never pointed. 

alder-tree-flowersFlowers on an Alder Tree

Less commonly known are the flowers of an alder tree. The flowers that the alder tree produces are not necessarily the most eye catching but start out a red brown colour and then turn green or yellow. The alder tree is known as monoecious which means it produces both female and male flowers. The male flowers are the ones that turn yellow while the female flowers turn green.

alder-tree-fruitsAlder Tree fruit

The fruit that is produced by the alder tree only appear in the winder time and their appearance is wood like and cone shaped. As the fruits mature they open up and release their seeds into the air which then pollenate via the wind.

Where can I find alder trees?

Alder trees are vey common throughout the UK and you are most likely to find them by rivers or near moist ground. This includes ponds or lakes or damp woodland areas where there is always a moist atmosphere to prevent soil erosion. 

Does it make good Firewood?

The wood from alder trees is not quite as dense as some other hardwood trees and this is due to the fact that it grows faster. However it is solid in nature and does produce a good burn. It makes a great  choice for log stove owners because its relatively cheap and provides a sweet aroma when burned on the stove.  It produces good heat output when burned and additionally can be easily broken up into smaller pieces if required.

All the alder logs that we sell are ready to burn meaning that it has the correct level of moisture removed from it to make it legal to burn. 

Key benefits of burning alder logs

  • Produces a good heat output
  • Burns cleanly and lasts a long time
  • Sweet fragrance when burned
  • Can be easily split into smaller pieces if required
  • Relatively cheap to buy
  • Alder produces anywhere from 17.5 million BTUs per cord.
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