The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Best Firewood for Winter and How to Store It Properly

What Makes Firewood a Great Source of Heat During Cold Seasons?

During the cold winter months, we tend to use more firewood than at any other time of year. The main reason for this is that when its cold outside, its generally colder inside as well so we need to heat the house more. Whether you are burning wood for heat for your home or cooking in this article we discuss why people are using firewood more and more over other forms of fuels such as gas and electricity. Additionally, we will look at some basic tips to keep your firewood at its best throughout winter.

How to Choose the Best Firewood for Your Needs

Firewood is an important part of any home, providing warmth and comfort during the colder months. But what type of firewood should you use? We will help you decide which logs are best for burning in your fireplace or wood stove. We’ll discuss the different types of firewood, the best logs for burning, and how to store and season firewood correctly. By following these tips, you can ensure that your fires are burning safely and efficiently all winter long.

Choosing the right type of firewood this winter can mean that it lasts longer and burns hotter. The question is, which is the best to use during the winter months? Below we have highlighted our two most ordered types of logs at Cheshire Fuels and the reasons for this we will explain:

Oak Firewood: Why they are our favourite in winter

During the cold winter months we put it to you that oak logs are potentially the best firewood to burn. The reason for this is that it burns very slowly when compared to other types of logs and this means they last longer. Something you do need to consider with oak firewood however is that fact that it’s quite hard to light. Due to this we recommend buying firelighters as an addition when you purchase this type of wood.

Birch Firewood: Another great option

Another favourite of ours is birch firewood which also burns nicely in the winter months. The reason we like it so much is that it heats up a room very quickly because it lights quickly.  Again there is a slight drawback with this in that it also burns out more quickly than oak meaning it will not last you as long. This lack of longevity means that if you do choose birch you may want to stock up or also purchase Oak as well to give the fire a longer life.

Storing Your Firewood Properly to Get Through Winters

Storing your firewood correctly this winter is really important to make sure it lasts and doesn’t get wet. If firewood gets wet or even damp the way it burns will be affected and this is a big mistake.

We recommend that when storing your logs you should try and keep them in an outdoor open space that is well ventilated, preferably under a cover or in a log store so that they don’t get wet. Air flow is really important when it comes to storing logs and where possible we recommend placing your wooden logs on top of a plastic sheet. Also, where possible, avoid tree cove and don’t leave the logs in a heap, try to store them neatly.