Birch Trees And Logs

birch-treesWhat are Birch Trees?

Brich trees are common in the UK and stand out with their delicate leaves and sliver/white looking bark. reaching on average 30 meters high this deciduous tree really stands out.

interestingly the birch tree actually sheds its silvery layers like tissue which is often why it looks lie the tree is peeling. At the base this is generally tougher and can be black in colour and the twigs are smooth with dark warts. 

The common name for a Birch tree is Silver Birch which you may be more familiar with. 


What do the leaves look like on a birch tree?

One of the stand out feature of the birch tree is its small triangular shaped leaves. The leaves themselves are light green in colour and when a tree is fully grown they tend to sway in motion with the wind because they are so light weight. The leaves have a nice look to them with a toothed edge as can be seen in the picture opposite. In Autumn before hte leaves fall from the tree they turn a lovely yellow colour.

birch-tree-flowersFlowers on a Birch Tree

Birch trees are known as monoecious which simply means that they will flower both male and female flowers on the same tree.  The tree produces flowers between April and May and are interesting to look at. The colour of the flowers is a nice yellow/brown tone and hang almost upside down in groups of around 2 to 4. The flowers of a birch tree are located at the end of the branches. The way to tell the difference between the male and female flowers is by their size. The female flowers are smaller than the males.

Birch Tree fruit

birch-tree-fruitsBirch trees produce a small fruit that is green and will only appear if the tree is successfully pollonated by the wind passing though. The female catkins will then turn dark over time and produce very small seeds in the autumn months. These seeds are then dispersed by wind.


Where are they located?

The birch tree is found all over the UK because it is highly capable of dealing with cold and hot weather. You will find that they are very common in Scotland but these amazing trees have also been found in southern Europe.

birch logsGreat for the log burner

The wood from birch trees is fairly lightweight and light in colour. It produces a good amount of heat when burned Its great for log burners as it can be easily split into smaller pieces if required. Its a popular fuel for many log stove owners because its easy to get lit due to its similarities with paper. All the ash that we sell is ready to burn meaning that it has the correct level of moisture removed from it to make it legal to burn. 

Key benefits of burning Birch logs

  • Produces a good heat output
  • Burns cleanly with a sweet aroma
  • Easy to split into smaller pieces
  • Birch produces anywhere from 20.3 to 26.8 million BTUs per cord.
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