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Kiln Dried Ash Logs (Barrow Bag)


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SKU: Barrow Bag of kiln dried Logs.
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Key Features of our kiln dried ash logs:

  • kiln dried ash logs
  • Strong Barrow Bags
  • Bulky so will last a long time


Kiln Dried Logs crafted to light your fire as quickly as possible. Our Barrow Bags of Kiln Dried Logs make a great choice if you prefer not to use coal. It provides a more natural way of lighting your fire. Kiln Dried Barrow Bag Logs are the fuel of choice providing a no fuss way of getting your fire lit. For many fire and stove owners they want a natural look to their fire, this is the way to do it.


Key Features of our kiln dried ash logs:

  • kiln dried ash logs
  • Strong Barrow Bags
  • Bulky so will last a long time


Package Includes:

Barrow Bag of logs as shown in picture above.

On our website you can buy kiln dried logs that are selected for their quality and burning capabilities. We can deliver kiln dried logs to clients the very next day and pride our business on excellent customer service every step of the way.

What’s the difference between kiln dried logs and seasoned logs?

There are two types of kiln dried logs that we sell here at Cheshire Fuels as you will notice when browsing our website. These are as follows and the basic difference is as follows:

  1. Kiln Dried Logs – Contain around 20% Moisture
  2. Seasoned Logs – Contain around 30% Moisture

Both types of logs are dried but using different methods which produces different results when burning them on a log stove or fire.

Why Choose Kiln Dried Logs Over Seasoned Logs?

Kiln dried logs are dried in a kiln and tend to burn brighter and easier than seasoned logs due to reduced levels of moisture. This means that lighting your fire is easier and quicker with kiln dried logs and you can enjoy a brighter, larger flame.

Kiln dried logs also tend to burn at a higher temperature than seasoned logs making them the log of choice if you want to heat up a large space or are using them for an outdoor heater.

Do Kiln Dried Logs Cost More

In a nutshell yes, kiln dried logs do cost more than seasoned logs. The price difference is for the simple reason that the kiln drying process is a more costly way of drying logs so is reflected in the price.

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If you want to buy kiln dried logs from us you can do so online or by phone. Alternatively you can open an account with us or simply order and pay online.


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