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Seasoned Logs (Barrow Bag)


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Key Features of our Logs:

  • Seasoned Logs
  • Strong Barrow Bags
  • Bulky so will last a long time


Barrow Bag of Seasoned Logs crafted to light your fire as quickly as possible. Our Barrow Bags of Seasoned Logs make a great choice if you prefer not to use coal and want a more natural way of lighting your fire. Seasoned Barrow Bag Logs are the fuel of choice for many of our clients as its a no fuss way of getting your fire lit. For many fire and stove owners they want a natural look to their fire and this is the way to do it.


Key Features of our Logs:

  • Strong Barrow Bags
  • Bulky so will last a long time


Package Includes:

Barrow Bag of seasoned logs as shown in picture above contained in a strong durable barrow bag for easy transport and lifting.

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